Record Management

Transferet is the answer to all your record managing questions. Our exceptionally organized reports guarantee 100% information protection and give you 24*7 autonomous access to your records and documents. All stored in our state of the art security framework. As one of the most established record stockpiling arrangement suppliers, we think about our customers as the most important resource for our company and consistently strive to cater to their evolving requirements.

Please note that we devote an immense pool of resources to ensure the highest level of service to maintain our customer’s records. The board is answerable to the entirety of our customer base through a group of profoundly experienced virtuosos. These virtuosos comprehend the significance and affectability of the reports that we store, and in addition they accommodate a client arranged methodology with it.

We give exhaustive record stockpiling solutions to organizations of numerous sorts. In our industry explicit records and report documenting administrations are dynamic which means that we can custom fit it according to your individual requirements and necessities.

We provide the finest document management services by comprehensive physical documents Storage solutions which whenever required can assist you with mapping the general record stockpiling situation inside your organization. Our record management services are cost- effective and can be modified according to your requirements and prerequisites, work to give boundless physical stockpiling, the most noteworthy level of storage protection, and more importantly, document archiving management at any place you need.

Why you should choose Transferet for your archiving requirements:

• Our unlimited physical storage facilities
• Minimal document management costs
• Standardized identification based records management system
• Cost-effective document storage solutions
• Series of failsafe storage securities
• A special vault for sensitive and critical records

Records gathering process

TThe entirety of your documents are packed into cartons and brought to the storeroom using our in house fleet of vehicles hence ensuring complete safety and control over the procedure while you enjoy the convenience of our services like:-

• A door-to-door assortment of important records and archives
• Arranging and isolating of your physical records by specific classes
• Precise Bar-coding for every single arranged archive
• Bundling your important reports with care and precision
• Making an inventory list and carton barcoding for recognizable proof

Storage in Our Secure Warehousing Systems

Storage in our secure warehousing systems After your records and reports are barcoded and boxed, they are transported to our secure archive distribution centers. Once they reach, our record management executives will begin to register the unique-barcode-identification numbers or ID numbers that are fixed, both in the documents and boxes and store them in a safe and secure facility. The whole procedure runs on the following steps

1. Records Barcoding and Indexing:

The manually written inventory copy is pushed into our Automated-Records-Management System so they can be conveniently tracked, stocked up and recovered, and exchanged through our administration.

The entirety of the documents will be re-barcoded and mapped with Customer file reference number for simple access and follow ups. The Customer will be given a unique standardized tag I.D. for every record.

2. On-Demand Quick Retrieval Process:

We are reputed for our quickest and consumer-amicable record recovery services. At Transferet, we give advanced refined record recovery approaches which will assist you with getting back your stored physical report in a substantially more simple and convenient way.

3. Effective Organizations Always Rely on Great Record Management System:

A wide range of businesses, throughout their advancement, produce and accumulate a huge volume of physical documents and records. While a large portion of this paper work, regardless of whether a significant asset report or an age-old rundown of customers, are exceptionally sensitive to your organizations and do have a gigantic amount of economic potential, they risk getting misused and lost because of the absence of mindfulness, storerooms, sufficient security and overall inefficient document management.

The principle reason or point of our record management solutions is to give an inside and out report of document management. We not just store and secure each of those privileged data and information but also oversee them in a more logical and strategized way. To put it simply, record administration is a procedure of putting away, securing, inventorying and recovering a huge volume of physical reports, particularly official and corporate records with the most elevated level of authentic, legitimate and monetary worth, in a considerably more protected, secure and organized way.

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