Pet Relocation

PWe at Transferet understand the significance that your pets hold in your lives and Relocating a living being is a tricky and delicate process for any mover. This is why Transferet is there to help you in every professional way possible in locating specialists to facilitate every step of moving your pet.

We provide proficient and customized door-to-door assistance to enable your pet to travel safely and conveniently. Transferet has a lot of practical experience in pet relocation via various means of transport. We focus on every individual specific need of the pet and maintain an outstanding benchmark in terms of pet relocation.

Steps to ensure your pet’s smooth relocation
1. Chat with our pet travel specialists, plan out the move and fill them in on your pet’s requirements. We have the expertise to comprehend their requirements and the resources to ensure that they’re fulfilled during the move.
2. The next step would be to give you an estimate based on the services you choose for your pet.
3. The third step would be to sign a suitable agreement over email based on the chosen estimate.
While we plan and assist your pet with their travel itinerary you, the vet and any other concerned party can contact as at any point.

TRANSFERET is located in Bangalore. one of the major cities of
India. We are a one-stop solution to all your relocation needs.
From packing to relocating, we offer all that you have in mind.

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