Finding the right home and school

While moving to a new place it becomes a real hassle to find the right house, however Transferet takes care of this for you. We take all your requirements and inclinations into consideration while finding you a home that meets your requirements.

We care about your requirements and will examine all of them and fulfill them in every way including find the best schools for your children. All your enquiries about private renting markets will be answered to your satisfaction. Property choices will be made on your preferences and in any case you will be assisted during the process of finding a conclusive answer on your choice of residence.

Temporary Housing

During migration a place of residence becomes essential and this requires you to invest quite some time in the process and while making that transition you need transitory place of residence. The temporary residence gives you the time to get acquainted with your new city and eases the pressure of finding a home. This means you can take the time to make your enquiries and an educated choice and not feel rushed into your choice of homes.

Transferet can help by arranging a temporary place of residence that meets your requirements whether it is a transient rental, an adjusted condo or even lodging.

Rental Housing

Regardless of whether you’re trying to rent a loft, an apartment or a bungalow in a foreign country we can find it for you in neighborhoods that are diverse and have good living conditions for Indians. Whatever the property of your choosing is we can help you find it. Our relocation experts streamline your enquiries and help in getting your requirements prioritized. We also offer home discovery programs to give you a clear picture of your choices.

Discover your home with the right help

Transferet will arrange a meeting to discover your new home (in person or through video call), in which we will break down your lodging prerequisites and inclinations. After thorough examination, we will look through the whole market and offer information on appropriate options on houses with the help of your customized and secure records in our Transferet gateway. We will set up viewings as well as accompany you to the properties based on your personal preference. Transferet will then arrange the tenant agreement and organize the move-in date.

We have regular and extensive experience in negotiating the rent and screening the tenancy agreement this is a part of our home discovery service. These services can also be independently availed on a property you acquired on your own; these facilities can save you from unpleasant surprises. Our services can give you a hassle free stay around the world.

Buying a house

What are the types of home loans? What expenses are incurred? What taxes need to be paid? Transferet will help you with these and many other enquiries that come to mind while buying a house. Here’s a review of the things Transferet will handle for you.

Transferet will conduct an extensive research on the accessible spending plan, prerequisites, and wishes. Keeping the research in mind, we will screen the market for a fitting realtor, who will look through the market. Arrangements for viewings will be coordinated and our team will further accompany you for the first two visits. When an appropriate property is discovered, immediately relocating arrangements will begin. Once an understanding is developed with the realtor, we will arrange the signing of the documentation and recommend a solid public accountant.

We will contact realtors to gauge the estimation of the property. The realtors will be invited to the property by a Transferet advisor. Post this, we will contact the chosen operator routinely to talk about the advancement of the deal and will examine the steps required with the agent and your representative. The program completes once the house is sold.

On the off chance that you are not physically available, Transferet can also take the power of attorney on your behalf and sign the documentation for your benefit.

Moving in

Found your ideal home? What next? Take the opportunity and move in. while moving in it is essential to ensure that the move-in is all around facilitated and documentation is set up. We can provide support and fulfill any requirements you have during the last legs of your relocation process.

Directly after the agreement a move in the examination will be conducted by Prism Mobility. One of our nearby specialists will record the status of the property and check all equipment. All notes are consolidated in a broad report and photographs will represent the present state of the property. This report is signifies the end of the rent time frame. With this verification details of the arrival of your stored belongings will be transparent and quality of service will be assured to you.

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